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Österlens Fresh Produce


In 1971 Rolf Axel made his dreams come true when he acquired the farm Ängavallen in Skåne. He had always dreamt about a different type of farming where the farmers would raise and farm the livestock in a untraditional way.

Their well known brand HälsoGrisen® came about when Rolf and his family started by raising pigs. They fed them organically farm grown vegetables and allowed them to roam free in their natural habitat.

Their products were so well received that they have since added cows and sheep to the mix and opened up Sweden’s first farm store where all of their wide variety of own products are for sale. In addition they have a fantastic bakery, cafe, restaurant and a hotel.

Ängavallen is our go-to place before any bigger events or holidays, and we highly encourage you to visit them if you’re interested in high quality ecological food.