Härdens Matstudio

One of the newest and most innovative additions in Österlen. Love the service, friendliness of the owners and the overall experience.

Skillinge Teater

Unless you’re going to see the artists or a play, we would not recommend Skillinge Teater restaurant, as there are much better places in the area eg. Skillinge Hamnkrog.

Bobergs på Hamngården

We thought we had to wait for few years until we found a restaurant which had a chance for a Michelin star, but Borbergs is not far off.

Skillinge Hamnkrog

If you want to experience how fish should be cooked to perfection, you simply can’t go wrong with this amazing harbour bistro.

Crackling Swedish Waffles

These are simply amazing, crunchy and crackling, your family will love you for whipping this up on a Sunday morning. Ingredients 100 gr Butter 4 dl Flour 0.5 tsp Salt 1 tsp Baking Powder 5 dl Milk 2 pcs Eggs Method Melt the butter under low heat (make sure it doesn’t boil as it will […]

Jord & Bord

One of the biggest surprises we’ve ever had on Österlen, similar to the one we had when we visited Karl Fredrik for the first time (prior to his TV appearances)

Heating & Cooling

We’ve just added a new heating pump and an air conditioner in the house, as the house is very open it both cools and warms down rather quickly.  The remote for the air conditioner can be found just below the device on the wall shelf.  Simply choose whether you want to heat or cool and […]


Not only an amazing designer store full of interesting finds but also the best cafe with irrestistable sandwiches.

Franska Creperiet

One of Österlens finest when it comes to a fantastic lunch experience with the whole family.

One Year and counting …

We are very grateful to each and every one of you who’ve chosen us to celebrate your milestones and family events over the last year.