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The main bathroom comes with a comfortable powerful shower, and a 2 person jacuzzi, which are both perfect to enjoy after a long day at the beach. A hair dryer and a hair straightener can be found in the drawers below the sink.

The Shower

The shower turns on with the left lever, and temperature is adjusted with the right one. You can also turn on the other shower head by adjusting the lever next to the shower head. The shower head needs to be tilted to the wall so that not too much water spills out on the floor.  In case water spills on the floor simply use the shower scraper to wipe the water back into the shower area. The shower scraper can be found in she shower.

The Sink

The sink in the main bathroom has a pop-up sink stopper. If you want to fill up the sink, then simply press the stopper down and it will stay closed. If you want the water to exit, simply push it again to open up the sink. No tools are needed to open or close the sink stopper.

The Bathtub

Simply fill up the bath with hot water to take your relaxation to the next level. The water needs to cover all the water faucets for the bubbles, massage and lights to function properly. Please rinse the bath after use. 

The Toilets

Please keep in mind that you’re in the Swedish countryside. Hence make sure to use toilet paper sparingly and perhaps flush down more than once when going about your business. This keeps the toilets, and the pipes from clogging.