Not only an amazing designer store full of interesting finds but also the best cafe with irrestistable sandwiches.

Olof Viktors

In 2006 Olaf Viktors was awarded “Sweden’s best konditory” which was a fantastic recognition for this great establishment.


Their well known brand HälsoGrisen® came about when Rolf and his family started by raising pigs. They fed them organically farm grown vegetables and allowed them to roam free in their natural habitat

Appeltorps Lamm & Vilt

They sell their quality fresh lamb products throughout the year and wild game during the hunting season.

Österlens Kött & Vilt

All products are as fresh as they can possibly be as they are all coming from nearby farms to keep the quality high

Ingelsta Kalkon

The company was founded in 1984 and has grown to be the best supplier of turkey products in Sweden.

Mandelmannens Trädgårdar

Marie and Gustav who live at Djupedal are pioneers in ecological farming. Over the last twenty years they have completely transformed the farm and it’s 60 hectares to adhere to their vision, which is quite an achievement. The farm is exquisite, populated with animals, plants, flowers, vegetables and they welcome visitors to visit them and experience the life at the farm.

Södra Kompaniet

This fantastic venture was voted the best sausage maker in Sweden in 2020