Lights and Candles

The Conservatory lights can be turned on by pressing the button next to the entrance. 

Please do not use real candles inside the conservatory.  We have installed a oil ceiling lamp which should be filled with lamp oil on your arrival.  Please be careful when lightning the wicks and always blow them out when you leave the Conservatory.

The Conservatory has been decorated and furnished with love, so please treat it accordingly. It is a family gathering place as well as a place to de-stress and rest up. So put your feet up, book in hand, pillow under your head and relax. 


If you’re in the mood for music, the speaker here is called Conservatory Speaker and it’s super simple to connect to when playing music or audiobook through your favorite apps using bluetooth or through the Sonos App. 


In case of colder weather you can use a floor heater (found in the small toolshed, don’t use both as this will overload the electricity in the house), simply pick the temperature that you want and set them to run for maximum four hours at a time. After the time has passed, they will automatically turn off. If you don’t put them on timer, please turn them off before leaving the Conservatory. 

In case of warm weather, the two glass walls can be opened up to have a cool breeze blowing gently through the conservatory.

Family meals

The Conservatory is the perfect place for an amazing family meal. The outdoor kitchen is perfect for cooking up a storm to be served in the Conservatory, but if you are using the indoor kitchen then there is a wooden tray in the kitchen which is perfect to carry tableware and food to the Conservatory through the side door.

When having family meals there, please be careful with drinks and food and make sure to quickly clean up any accidental spills as the table is very old and has cracks in it, so drinks can spill on the floor.

Family Games

After dinner, it’s perfect to engage in family board or card games, there are card decks in the table drawer and board games can be found in the chest in the corner.  The serving table at the back is also an Air Hockey table which can be used.  After playing, please put the tabletop back as well as the decorations.

Please keep the house locked, when not in use.