Garbage and Recycling

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Garbage and Recycling

The trash cans can be found in the kitchen below the sink. Sweden is one of the countries which are most effective in garbage recycling so there are few things to consider when it comes to garbage.

Where are the trashcans?

There are two trash cans under the sink, the one on the left should be used for food waste, there are brown bags in the drawer on the left hand side that are labelled for this purpose. (please use two and only fill half of the bag, so that you can close it). The right bin can be used for general garbage with the exception of glass/plastic bottles, aluminium cans and bigger packaging which is generally recycled. Please use garbage bag and close them firmly before putting it to the garbage bin outside.

Taking The Garbage Out

When full, please double bag the garbage, the bags can be taken out to the big garbage bin in front of the house right outside of the fence and disposed of. The food waste bags go into the brown bin and the general trash bags into the big green garbage bin.

A friendly advice, If you’re having shrimps or other seafood, it would be appreciated to freeze the shells/leftovers and put it in the garbage on the day of departure as these tend to stink up quite badly and will welcome some unwanted guests (flies), if left out in the bins in warmer weather.

Recycling Glass, Aluminium Cans & Bottles

Please take the glass/plastic bottles, cans with you when you leave or take them to the Borrby recycling center, which is located next on the way from Borrby to Hammenhog (see map below).