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In the tools shed you will find plenty of outdoor family games, Kubb, Croquet, Yahtzee, Rope throwing, football goals etc.

The automatic lawnmover

There is an automatic lawnmover that mows the grass during the early morning. If you want to stop it from moving the grass due to children, and pets, then simply press the stop button. Just make sure to start it again, otherwise we will have a problem with overgrowing garden in the summer 🙂

The automatic watering

The lawn and the plants are automatically watered in the early morning, please do not change any of these settings, as it can take a long time to setup and the lawn/plants will dry out.

The Fire pit

At the back of the garden, you’ll find a fire pit with marshmallow forks and popcorn basket for a late after-dinner fun with the whole family. There is even a guitar in the house for those who like to sing Schlagers around the fire.

Family Outdoor Games

Who doesn't like a competitive family football, there are gootballs in the bin outside the house and small football goals in the tool shed.

Kubb is a traditional outdoor Swedish game that is great fun for families, children or people who take the game more seriously. These rules are “friendly” rules and don’t have every tiny caveat that can be imagined. However, they should cover almost all situations that crop up during normal games. Click here for the Kubb Rules

Croquet can be played in many different forms. Serious croquet is played at international level including world individual and team championships. Mostly though, it is played as a casual, social game by millions of peoples around the world in their own gardens. Click here for the Croquet Rules