In General 

We have put a lot of love and care to build our dream holiday home. Please treat it with utmost respectand take a few minutes to read carefully through this manual. It was written for the simple reason to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. All the instructions for most of the equipment are in here and will save you hours of trying to figure things out yourself. 

Emergency Numbers 

General Emergency number: 112 
Non-emergency police: 11414 
Non-emergency medical advice: 1177 
Information during accidents and crises: 11313 


There is a key box to the right of the main door of the house. Before you arrive you will getatext message oran email from us which will include your personal key code for the key box. In the box you will find three keys, one for the main building and the guest house, one for Lusthuset (the glasshouse) and lastly one for the tool shed. Please keep Lusthuset locked at all times when not in use. 

To open the box you simply enter your personal code and turn the handle at the bottom. The box will automatically lock, so once you have removed your keys please close the box and turn the handle again. Upon your departure please leave the keys in the box and make sure it’s locked. 

To unlock the door, simply insert the key and turn, pull the handle down and the door should open. When locking the door, the handle must be pulled up before you can lock the door, simply push the handle up before turning the key. You must repeat this procedure when locking the door from the inside. 

Ring doorbell 

At the front of the house there is a Ring doorbell, if you urgently need to speak with us on video, you can simply press the doorbell and we’ll be notified through the app. 


There are three cameras around the property which are connected to the security system.