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Härdens Matstudio

Setting up a restaurant in your home is not what most chef’s or restaurant owners would opt for when realising your lifelong dream of opening up a restaurant, but that is exactly the owners of Härdens Matstudio have opted for.

First thing you notice when entering the restaurant is the homeliness of the place which is underlined when you walk through the kitchen to get into the restaurant. The place is small, but seats around 40 people although they could setup the outside area for bigger events.

The food is all prepared in the open kitchen and has been meticulously planned and prepared by the chef. Throughout the evening the schedule ran seamlessly and all the guests seemed to enjoy the experience thoroughly.

We were welcomed by a friendly hostess who offered us a glass of Cava and a small taster to kick off the evening. The quality of the food was high and it was clear that the chef is working with seasonal local produce. The main dishes were both phenomenal but the cheese plate and desert could have been improved on.

We had taken a wine recommendation for the dishes which left a lot to be desired which is the area I would recommend for them to work on. Nothing wrong with the wines per say, but we felt that this could be easily improved.

All in all a great evening, fantastic concept, great service and beautifully prepared food in a great setting. Definitely a recommended food experience.