Please observe and follow these:

  • Do not empty the water from the jacuzzi during or after your stay. 
  • You can find chlorine in the tool shed cabinets, one scoop per bath is sufficient.
  • The uncovers part of the stainless steel pipe will be hot, please don’t lean against it.
  • Never leave children alone in or around the jacuzzi area.

Heating up the Jacuzzi

Don’t start the heating process while the water pump is running. The pump runs for 15 minutes every two hours. Keep the lid on while heating, the jacuzzi should be around 30-38 degrees after roughly two hours. In the winter time this takes longer or about four hours, so a good idea is to get this going as soon as you check in. It is very important to keep the fire alive by keeping the fire box 2/3rds full. The water should not be heated over 40-41 degrees (if it does, please cool down using cold water).

To start the heating, pull out the ash drawer slightly and start off with 2-3 smaller wood pieces and fire starters which can be found in the wood shed. Please use the wood splitter on the outside of the shed to split the wood (see instructions below) . Once you’ve got the fire going, please add wood as you see fit, one piece of wood every 15 minutes isa good measure). Keep the ash drawer slightly open in the beginning and make sure that the wood pieces go as far in as possible into the fire box. 


Before jumping in, it’s good to rinse off in the outside or inside shower. This will ensure that you’re baths will be more hygenic & enjoyable with your friends and family. This will also avoid sun oil, lotions, deodorants and other chemicals reacting with the chlorine as these can produce fatty surface which is nobody wants to bathe in.

Food and Drinks

Never eat food in the Jacuzzi, smoke or use Snus (as the pouches or cigarette butts can damage the pool pump). If you plan to enjoy drinks at the jacuzzi, please use the plastic glasses that can be found in the glass cabinet next to the TV. Never use real glasses in or around the Jacuzzi.


If there is sand residue at the bottom, it can be removed with the manual suction device in the wood shed. Surface residue can be removed with the small pool net in the wood shed. 

Once the ashes have gone completely cold, please clean out theashbox below the built-in stove in the bucket that can be found in the wood shed. The Ash can be put into a paper bag and thrown into the brown trash can that can be found in front of the house.

Using the Jacuzzi lid-lift