Jord och Bord

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Jord och Bord

We had been planning for a long time to visit the closest restaurant to Hav & Hygge for a good while. It’s barely 3km away so we did not have a half-decent excuse for not having to visit this magnificent place earlier.

Jord och Bord is a phenomenon, it serves only vegetarian dishes which are made from produce that is grown at the place, the menu is therefore quite seasonal and everything is as fresh as they can possibly serve it. The menu is quite simple, simply chalked up on a blackboard as you walk, making it very easy for you to make a choice.

As we were quite hungry, we decided to try all three dishes they had for the day along with their homemade lemonade and selection of low-alcoholic beer. The food was extremely flavourful and played a symphony or two for our taste buds. To cut to the chase, this was probably the most amazing meal we had during our two-week Easter trip at Österlen and everyone loved it, even Gabriel.

Highly recommended, you simply can’t go wrong with visiting our friends at Jord och Bord. We will certainly be regular guests there this summer.