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There is a combined washing machine and dryer in the utility room behind the master bedroom on the ground floor.

The Washing Machine

To use the washing machine, turn on the water on the left side of the washing machine. The water must be on both for washing and for drying. After filling the machine with laundry, select the washing program to be run by turning the wheel. To be able to use both washing and drying one of the programmes “Vit-/Kulörtvätt” or “Syntet” must be used.

To define drying time press either the button “Autotork” which isan automatic drying programme, or, set your own prefered drying time by pressing the button “Torktid”. When pressing the button “Torktid” 10 is indicated on the display indicating a dryer time of 10 minutes. Number of minutes increases by 5 every time you press the button “Torktid”. When ready, press “start”.

When done, always turn off the washing machine by turning back the wheel and turn off the water. As it is a combined washing machine and dryer the drying capacity is not the same as for a stand alone dryer there is also a dryer in the laundry room that can be used.

The Dryer

To use the dryer, fill it with laundry, select the preferred programme and press start >II. When the programme is complete, turn it off and clean the filter inside.

After using the dryer, please pour out the water from the water holder on the top left of the dryer.