Lights & Electricity

Fuse Boxes 

There are two fuse boxes in the house, one is in the utility closet accessible from the bedroom on the bottom floor in the main house. 

  • The master fuse box is located behind the house, next to the bicycle rack. If a Master fuse box blows out then the main fuse box can be found at the back of the house. There is a screwdriver next to the fuse box which will enable you to open it. In the master fuse box you will find number of 20amp plugs, please feel free to use one. 
  • A second fuse box can be found on the left side of the utility room right off the master bedroom., please switch on any fuses that have gone off.
  • A secondary fuse box is situated in the utility closet in the guest house, please switch on any fuses that have gone off.
  • A third fuse box is situated in the garden shed, please switch on any fuses that have gone off.

Main light panels 

The house is largely equipped with Hue Lights. Simply turn the lights by pressing the Hue Light Switches that can be found around the house. 

All the lights can also be controlled through the Google Hub Display which can be found behind the dining room table.

The Hue Light Switch

The image on the right shows you the Hue Light Switch, it’s very simple to operate. If you press the top button (I) once, the lights in that zone will turn on. If you press it again (up to four times) it will cycle through four different light settings, please pick the one that suits you best. If you feel that the light is to bright, use button number 2 to make the light zone brighter or button number 3 to make the light zone dimmer. The last button (O) will turn off the light zone.

Please note that if the Philips lights do not turn on, it’s usually due to the fact that a previous guest might have accidentally pressed the manual light switch on the wall or turned off the light fixture itself, which has turned off the power to the specific lights. 


Simply press the top button in the entrance to turn on and bottom one when you leave the building. The candles in the conservatory are operated using the remote control found in the conservatory. Please turn off the candle lights when leaving the conservatory. 


You can manage the garden lights on the Google Hub device next to the dining table.  They are on a timer and will turn on/off automatically.  If you want to turn them on/off manually, please use the switch that is located next to the front door.