Lights & Electricity

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Lights & Electricity

Where are the fuse boxes?

  • The master fuse box is located behind the house, next to the bicycle rack.
  • The fuse box for the main house, is in the utility room of the main house.
  • The fuse box for the guest house and the heat pump is in the utility room in the guest house.
  • The fuse box for the outdoor kitchen, conservatory, and the tools shed is in the tools shed.

    What to do if the electricity goes off?

    Start by checking if there are lights on in other parts of the property, eg. the guest house, conservatory etc. If there are none, the problem is likely in the Master fuse box, which has likely blown out a fuse box. There is a screwdriver at the box to open the fuse box, and some spare fuses to replace the blown one.

    The property lights

    The property is mainly equipped with Philips Hue Lights. This means that it has automatic lightning features eg. lights come on in the morning, turn off when the daylight is strong enough, turn on again right before sunset, and turn off before bedtime.

    The only downside, is that the automatic setup doesnt work, if the lights are manually unplugged, or turned off by pressing the on/off button on the light fixtures. Please refrain from doing this during your stay, as the next guest will undoubtedly be very grateful.

    Of course, they can be turned on and off by using the Hue Switches in the house, by using the normal light buttons, and lastly through the Google Hub Display that can be found below the AC in the living room. By doing this you won’t affect the automatic lightning schedule at all.

    The Hue Light Switches

    These can be found in most, if not all of the rooms, there are four functions on the switches,

  • The top button turns the light on, additional presses will change the warmth of the lightning.
  • Next button, will increase the brightness of the lights.
  • Next button, will decrease the brightness of the lights.
  • Last button, will turn off the light.

    The conservatory lights

    Simply press the top button on the Philips Hue Switch to turn on the lights in the Conservatory, when leaving you press the bottom button (0) to turn the lights off.

    Please do not use real candles in the Conservatory, as we don’t want wax on the antique furniture,

    The garden lights

    The external lights should turn on and off automatically during your stay, so no need to worry about them. If they don’t come on, then there is a possibility that the fuse which powers the lights has popped. It’s located in the utility room in the main house, just flip it back on, and the lights should work as normal.