Olof Viktors

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Österlens Fresh Produce

Olof Viktors

Olof Victor has really succeeded with a well rounded formula with quality products, amazing farm store and a phenomenal cafe. There are few places which have it all, but Olof Viktor’s definitely is one of them. A staple for the family for a fantastic breakfast or hearthy lunch.

Their amazing sourdough breads are baked in a wood-heated stone oven, but before it makes it into the oven it has a long journey to go through as everything is prepared from the ground up with their unique mix of secret ingredients.

In 2006 they won the title “the best konditory in Sweden” and most recently they’ve won awards for their amazing cakes which is no surprise as they specialize in cakes, tarts for special events such as anniversaries and weddings.

The selection of products in their cafe and store is largely seasonal as in any quality konditory and the holidays are magical when the place is filled with the smell of gingerbread cookies and mulled wine.