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Nothing Soothes The Soul Like A Day By The Water

Villa Hav & Hygge beckons you to a haven where cherished ones gather, basking in each other's company. It's a retreat where the Nordic seasons unfold in joyous revelry, marking occasions like Easter, Midsommar, the Fall shrimp fest, and Christmas with unforgettable merriment.

The very name, “Villa Hav och Hygge,” paints a picture of tranquility in a beach house by the ocean. The gentle lapping of waves fosters a serene atmosphere, embracing quietude and calmness. Österlen, renowned for its farm shops, fresh and smoked seafood, art galleries, ceramics, quaint coffee spots, and unconventional dining, invites exploration. Venture out and mingle with locals, each with captivating life tales. The area's eateries defy norms, promising an experience that defies convention.

While our abode boasts modern comforts, it strives to capture the timeless allure of the Southeastern Swedish coast, seamlessly blending the old with the new. Winter here, though mild, offers a unique charm — rainy and dark, it invites you to release stress by the crackling fireplace. Picture yourself immersed in a vinyl melody, cocooned in warmth beneath a cozy blanket, engrossed in your favorite books.

The winter sea may not be for swimming, but our Jacuzzi and garden sauna offer a rejuvenating spa experience. Ideal after exploring the phenomenal Borrby beach or nearby national parks. Consider this a respite from the digital clamor. At the entrance, a ceramic bowl awaits your cellphones, a sanctuary to recharge both your device and spirit during a well-deserved break