Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor Kitchen

In the outdoor kitchen area you will find a gas grill and a coal grill which you can use. Please keep the area and the equipment tidy and clean after use.

The Gas Grill

The gas grill can be found on the left of the outdoor kitchen. It has 4 burners and the gas tank which is located outside of the grill. Please do not put the tank inside the gas grill as it could explode . In case it’s out of gas, a full one should be available in the tool shed. In case that’s out as well then please take one of these and buy a refill at the nearest gas station, and we will refund you the refill.

The Komodo Joe Ceramic Grill

The Komodo Joe is an amazing grill which retains heat extremely well and allows you to grill at very high temperatures, smoke your favorite foods or bake the most delicious pizzas.

Never use lightning fluid to light up the Komodo grill as it will damage the grill.

To fire up the Komodo grill, please put coals in the the coal basket which is found below the grill surface, simply twist the upper structure and you’ll get an access to the coal basket. Next step is to open up the top chimney like opening and the bottom vent of the grill. Next you plug in the electric lighter, keep it 2-3cm away from the coals and press it’s button.
You can find all major Komodo grill accessories available for the coal grill, including:

  • Deep pizza dish
  • Heat deflector plates
  • Pizza oven accessory
  • Rotisserie
  • Shallow pizza dish
  • Smoker accessories

    We can’t guarantee that there will be coals available upon your arrival, so we recommend that you take coals with you if you’re planning to use the grills. If there are coals in the outside kitchen cabinets or in the tool shed then feel free to use them.

    After use, please clean the grills and the accessories after use, and make sure they are covered by the grill covers (which protect them from the rain, sleet, and snow)

    Warning! During hotter, dryer summers in Sweden, the Swedish state might forbid the use of grills, if this is the case please do not use the grills during such a ban.