You’ve definitely come to the right place if you want to find unusual, quirky but amazing restaurants.  There is plenty to choose from and each and every place has a niche offering either in terms of the food, entertainment or in terms of their phenomenal staff.  Please find some of our favorites below.

Skillinge Teater

Unless you’re going to see the artists or a play, we would not recommend Skillinge Teater restaurant, as there are much better places in the area eg. Skillinge Hamnkrog.

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Jord & Bord

One of the biggest surprises we’ve ever had on Österlen, similar to the one we had when we visited Karl Fredrik for the first time (prior to his TV appearances)

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Not only an amazing designer store full of interesting finds but also the best cafe with irrestistable sandwiches.

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Olof Viktors

In 2006 Olaf Viktors was awarded “Sweden’s best konditory” which was a fantastic recognition for this great establishment.

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Their well known brand HälsoGrisen® came about when Rolf and his family started by raising pigs. They fed them organically farm grown vegetables and allowed them to roam free in their natural habitat

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