Once you enter the house the security system will start to sound. The control panel to the system is to the left of the door, please enter the alarm code we sent you to disable the alarm. To enable the alarm again upon leaving the house please press the picture of the house with a line through it, this will light up the numerical panel which will enable you to arm and dearm the alarm system

Safety gates 

We have a total of four safety gates for the youngest ones in the house. There are fixed gates in place at the top of the stairs, top of the bridge and at the bottom of the stairs. A safety gate for the fireplace can be found in the wall cabinets in the first guest bedroom at the top of the stairs. This gate can be assembled and set up to keep little hands and paws off the fireplace. 

First Aid 

In the bathroom on the top shelf you will find first aid kit, pain killers, band aids and other basic medical supplies. There are also a tick removal kit, in case you getatick bite while hiking or walking through the forest. For information on the removal process see the instructions here.   

In case of fire 

Call the emergency number 112, there is a fire blanket and a couple of fire extinguishers in the kitchen in the bottom drawer next to the fridge.