Before you start

  • We’ve put a padlock on the Sauna as some guests tried to lock each other in the Sauna which can be very dangerous.  You should have received the code in the welcome message from Charlotte.
  • We’re happy to give you the code to open the Sauna should you want to use it. Simply ping us a message through the AirBnB system and we’ll send you the code.

Please observe the following

  • Be careful when heating up the Sauna and keep an eye on the wood burning stove.
  • Don’t stay too long in the Sauna, around 20 minutes is optimal.
  • Make sure you hydrate well after each session.

Heating up the Sauna

  • The Sauna is wood heated, before beginning make sure there are no ash in the stove. If there is, then start by cleaning it out. Next open up the fire box drawer as this controls the oxygen flow.
  • Add a few wood splinters (you can make some by using the wood splitter outside of the wood shed (see below) and build up the fire over 15-20 min.
  • As you get a good fire going, add one log at the time as the sauna heats up extremely fast. (if it gets too warm, simply open up the doors to cool the Sauna down a bit)
  • Once the temperature is up to around 60-70 degrees, then the Sauna is ready for use.

Using the Sauna

  • Fill up the bucket with water and prepare for your Sauna session using the water hose outside the jacuzzi.
  • The best way to do a proper Sauna is to start with shower and shower in cold water with regular intervals during your session.
  • We hope you enjoy the Sauna session and do please clean up the ash box the following day.