Skillinge Hamnkrog

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Skillinge Hamnkrog

We have been living here on and off for two years, but no one has told us about the best fish restaurant on Österlen, which is literally located in the town next to us only 10 minutes away, and the best thing you can either walk or cycle from the Villa.

Born and bred in Iceland, there is one thing which I know well, that is how fish should be cooked. Most people don’t know this, but a fish which is has been cooked properly is close to being transparent on the plate. I always have my doubts when going into restaurants to have series of fish dishes, but in this case there was no reason to have any doubts.

We had three different dishes and each was better than the other, cooked to absolute perfection I understand why this is such a popular place with the people in the neighbourhood.

Can’t recommend this place highly enough, especially if you are after the freshest best cooked fish dishes on Österlen.