Spa Area

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Spa Area

Please observe the following before using the Jacuzzi.
• We carefully balance the water, so please do not add chemicals during your stay.
• Do not empty the water from the jacuzzi during or after your stay.
• Never leave children alone in or around the jacuzzi area.
• Please shower and wash with soap before using the jacuzzi
• Do not use the jacuzzi if you have tanning products or sun lotion eg. brun utan sol.
• If you've been at the beach, please brush off any sand or dirt off your feet before entering
• Make sure the water level is almost all the way up to the waterfall (horizontal hole)
• No smoking in the jacuzzi.
• Do not take glass glasses or bottles into the jacuzzi.
• Close the lid of the jacuzzi after use to save energy and electricity.
We recently changed out the Jacuzzi at the property, it used to be a wood heated one, and despite the romanticm of such a wood heated bath, it took up to 3 hours to get warm.  We decided to get an electrical one instead and we hope that will add to your enjoyment during your stay.  Please respect the rules above, as they are very important in terms of maintaining the highest possible standard.


Before jumping in, it’s good to rinse off in the outside or inside shower. This will ensure that you’re baths will be more hygenic & enjoyable with your friends and family. This will also avoid tanning products, sun oil, lotions, deodorants and other chemicals reacting with the chlorine as these can produce fatty surface which is nobody wants to bathe in.

Food And Drinks

Please do not eat food in the Jacuzzi, smoke or use Snus (as the pouches or cigarette butts can damage the pool pump). If you plan to enjoy drinks at the jacuzzi, please use the plastic glasses that can be found in the glass cabinet next to the TV. Never use real glasses or beer bottles in or around the Jacuzzi, as they can accidentally break.


If there is sand residue at the bottom, it can be removed with the manual suction device in the wood shed. Surface residue can be removed with the small pool net in the wood shed.

Using the Jacuzzi Lid-Lift

Please be very careful with the lid, and please use the lid-lift to remove the lid. The lids are very expensive to replace.
Please observe the following before using the Sauna
• The Sauna is locked with a padlock, as some guest have tried to lock people into the Sauna.
• Send us a quick message on AirBnb, and we will send you the padlock code.
• Shower before using the Sauna.
• Be careful when heating up the Sauna, and keep a close eye on the burning stove.
• Don't stay too long in the Sauna, as it can be dangerous.
• Make sure to hydrate well after each Sauna session.

Heating Up The Sauna

The Sauna is wood heated, before beginning make sure there are no ash in the stove. If there is, then start by cleaning it out. Next open up the fire box drawer as this controls the oxygen flow.
Add a few wood splinters (you can make some by using the wood splitter outside of the wood shed (see below) and build up the fire over 15-20 min.  As you get a good fire going, add one log at the time as the sauna heats up extremely fast. (if it gets too warm, simply open up the doors to cool the Sauna down a bit). Once the temperature is up to around 60-70 degrees, then the Sauna is ready for use.

using The Sauna

Fill up the bucket with water and prepare for your Sauna session using the water hose outside the jacuzzi.  The best way to do a proper Sauna is to start with shower and shower in cold water with regular intervals during your session.  We hope you enjoy the Sauna session and do please clean up the ash box the following day.