Heating & Cooling

We’ve just added a new heating pump and an air conditioner in the house, as the house is very open it both cools and warms down rather quickly.  The remote for the air conditioner can be found just below the device on the wall shelf.  Simply choose whether you want to heat or cool and […]


The trash cans can be found in the kitchen below the sink. Sweden is one of the countries which are most effective in garbage recycling so there are few things to consider when it comes to garbage.   Two different trash cans There are two trash cans under the sink, the one on the left […]


There are two relatively new 7 gear adult bicycles available for you to use, please be careful where you leave these and never leave them unlocked (as they cycles tend to disappear if left unlocked). Upon your arrival the bicycles will be locked in the bicycle stand behind the guest house. The keys to the […]

Garden Activities

In the tools shed you will find two outdoor family games, a game called Kubb, traditional Croquet and football goals. In addition at the back of the garden, you’ll find a fire pit with marshmallow tridents and popcorn basket for a late after dinner fun with the family. There is even a guitar in the […]


Before you start We’ve put a padlock on the Sauna as some guests tried to lock each other in the Sauna which can be very dangerous.  You should have received the code in the welcome message from Charlotte. We’re happy to give you the code to open the Sauna should you want to use it. […]

Outdoor Kitchen

In the outdoor kitchen area you will find a gas grill and a coal grill which you can use. Please keep the area and the equipment tidy and clean after use. The Gas Grill The gas grill can be found on the left of the outdoor kitchen. It has 4 burners and the gas tank which […]


Please observe and follow these: Do not empty the water from the jacuzzi during or after your stay.  You can find chlorine in the tool shed cabinets, one scoop per bath is sufficient. The uncovers part of the stainless steel pipe will be hot, please don’t lean against it. Never leave children alone in or […]

Laundry Room

Washing Machine  There is a combined washing machine and dryer in the utility room behind the master bedroom on the ground floor.  To use the washing machine, turn on the water on the left side of the washing machine. The water must be on both for washing and for drying. After filling the machine with […]


  Broadband & Wifi The house has fiber connection (300 mbps download / 300 mbps upload) which makes it easy to work remotely from the house or enjoy the latest movies/TV shows. There are four Google Nest routers and access points throughout the property to secure good wifi coverage. The main router is in the […]


There are few things more enjoyable in life than crackling fire in early spring or during a rainy autumn day paired with a nice glass of Cabernet and a book.  So what are you waiting for, pour that glass of wine and get started building the fire. Preparation Plenty of wood can be found in […]