Broadband & Wifi

The house has fiber connection (300 mbps download / 300 mbps upload) which makes it easy to work remotely from the house or enjoy the latest movies/TV shows. There are four Google Nest routers and access points throughout the property to secure good wifi coverage. The main router is in the utility cabinet behind the bedroom on the bottom floor, so in case of any wifi or network issues it’s usually resolved by restarting the router by unplugging it and plugging it back in (see pic of the router on the left). 

The name of the Wifi network is: “Kristjanssons” and the Wifi password is: “cantona7” 


There are nine bluetooth/network speakers in the house, so it’s very easy to play your favorite audio content through these speakers.

To play music in all speakers please use the Home speaker group. For playing music only outdoors please use the Outdoor speaker group and finally for playing music only indoors please use the Indoor speaker group.

  • Living Room Display (Dining/Living room)
  • Living Room Speaker (Dining/Living room)
  • Kitchen Speaker (Kitchen)
  • Conservatory Speaker (Portable Sonos speaker in the Conservatory)
  • Guest House Wifi (Located on top of the wardrobe in the guest house)
  • Guest Room One (Located in the first guest room at the top of the stairs)
  • Outdoor Kitchen (Located right outside the Outdoor Kitchen)
  • Outdoor Spa (Located right outside the Jacuzzi)

The Record Player

There is also a Record player in the Living/Dining room, to use it you simply follow the instructions below. Please be very careful with it as records are sensitive and so is the record player.

  • Unscrew the front mount.
  • Put on a record and screw the mount back on.
  • Unhinge the tonearm by flipping the hinge.
  • Lower the tonearm gently down on the record using the lower left lever.
  • Turn the on/off knob on the lower right side of the record player.
  • Record will start to play and the speaker will automatically switch to the record player.
  • Once the record has stopped, lift the tonearm using the lever and hinge it back into place.
  • Turn the On/Off knob to turn off the player.

The Entertainment area

There are two TV’s in the house, one in the living room and one in the Master Bedroom. Both are connected to an AppleTV.

The TV in the Living Room and it’s connected devices, please use the Bose remote to switch between the three main TV inputs.

  • HDMI4: AppleTV
  • HDMI1: Xbox One Console. (please keep the left cabinet door open so the console doesn’t overheat)
  • HDMI3: BluRay player and PlayStation 4 (use the HDMI switcher behind the TV to switch between the two, the devices both have to be on to be able to switch between the two)

Entertainment (films, tv shows and games)

There is a rather large amount of entertainment to be found either digitally or physically. There are DVD’s and Bluray films in the Media folders in the bookcase that is left of the TV. 

There is an Xbox with a big digital gaming library, there is a PS4 with SingStar for those of you who just can’t stop singing.

Lastly there is an AppleTV with Netflix, Disney+ and large amount of Movies and TV shows which can be accessed through the purchased films area on the device.

TV in Master Bedroom

The TV in the Master Bedroom is controlled by the AppleTV remote (not the white TV remote). From there you can watch Netflix or the digital content accessible through the AppleTV.