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Welcome to Hav&Hygge, 

We have put a lot of love and care to build our dream holiday home. Please treat it with utmost respect and read carefully through this manual. It was written for the simple reason to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. All the instructions for most of the equipment are in here and will save you hours of trying to figure things out yourself.  On our webpage there are number of recommendations for activities, places to visit, restaurants, and even a recipe or two.  Make sure you check it out to make the most of your stay!

Key Box

There is a key box to the right of the front door of the main building. Before you arrive you will get a message from us which will include your personal key code for the key box. In the box you will find four keys, one for the main building, the guest house, the conservatory and tool shed. Please keep the doors closed at all times, even when you are in the garden, and lock the doors when you leave the premises.

To open the key box you simply enter your personal code and turn the handle counter clockwise. The box will automatically lock when you close the box and turn the handle clockwise. Upon your departure please leave the keys in the box and make sure that it’s locked.

To unlock the door, simply insert the key and turn, pull the handle down and the door opens. When locking the door, the door handle must be pulled up before you can lock the door, either from inside or outside.

the Security System

Once you enter the house the security system will start to beep. The control panel to the system is to the left of the door, please enter the alarm code we sent you to disable the alarm. Please follow the instructions below to arm or disarm the system.

To Disarm the system, press the top-left button (with the line crossing the shield) and enter the security code that we sent you. Once the code has been entered, the security system will turn off.

We hope you will have an amazing stay at Villa Hav&Hygge, and create wonderful memories with your loved ones.

PS. Please let us know how we can improve our listing, and we would love to welcome you back one day!